Project Description

DSQ was founded in the year of 1988, by the founder Mr. Johnny Tseng—CEO.
Concerning high demand for stamping parts, plastic parts, assemblies, terminal and connector, the founder made use of his own knowledge in engineering and devote himself to manufacturing process improving. At first, he designed the tooling with innovative method by relaying the material strip in an opposite position to save material. It is the creative method at that time. And we also use new method to wide-range applicable products, it drove us to cost down in high percentage. This is the great contribution to high volume terminal stamping by playing the role of pioneering. By cost saving, we share the success with our customers and win good reputation in the market and obtain customer’s admiration. We added new value to comply with customer demand by reducing the cost, gradually, we establish the initial business foundation. From the business opening till now, we insist on innovation outstanding technology and excellent product quality.

By providing reliable professional service, we will become the customer’s priority choice. We always persist in continuous creative spirit to add new value for our global customers. We educate our entire personnel to be determined to become others’ model. We determined to run our business as an honorable enterprise.