Project Description

As a leading custom aluminum die caster, SEI aluminum metal castings technology offers a unique combination of capabilities producing product in all aluminum and zinc alloys. Working smarter to produce both the easy and most difficult products in Aluminum and Zinc, SEI is your best selection for any die casting project. Irrespective of the need for large or small quantity, selection of alloy, component type, degree of difficulty or finish selection aluminum and zinc die casting by SEI is the better selection.

SEI can lower the manufacturing cost of your product. We specialize in prototyping and short-run casting orders, a job is considered a short-run casting whenever the cost of the die is greater than the cost of the casting production. The processing of short-run casting orders requires operation efficiency, designed to reduce setup time and costs. SEI specializes in providing die casting production for quantities from the hundreds to hundreds of thousands and larger. Small job quantities vary, but are generally less than 5,000 parts, and may even be as low as fewer than hundreds of parts.

Our manufacturing expertise and turnkey capabilities cover design and manufacturing from the start with raw aluminum ingots to the finished product including Chemical Film and Powder Coating Finishes:
• Design using state of the art computer 3D software tools that create molds and tooling
• Metal flow simulation
• Thermal Analysis
• Post Casting machining of all normally required secondary operations
• Metal Chemical Film Treatments
• Powder Coating of finished product
With our veteran design and engineering team, you can be sure your custom designed product will meet your specific program requirements. SEI Castings products are warranted to meet applicable product specifications and to be produced.