Isocom limited

Isocom limited

Project Description

Based in the UK, Isocom is the only specialist manufacturer of optocouplers in Europe and the world’s only manufacturer of the innovative IECQ-CECC BS9400 high reliability ceramic optocoupler.

Isocom specializes in the design, development, manufacture, testing and supply of LED optoelectronic components to the Military, Aerospace, Industrial, Medical and Communication Sectors worldwide.
The company has almost 20 years’ experience in the military design, manufacture and supply of high reliability ceramic optocouplers to the defense and aerospace sectors.

Isocom Limited’s aim is to continue its high-level investment in R & D, manufacture, testing and training to give the worldwide marketplace high quality innovative products. A result of this R & D has been the production of the world’s first 6 pin ceramic optocoupler.

As a specialist manufacturer, Isocom Limited has the design, technology and manufacturing skills to satisfy even the most stringent or exacting customer product requirements.
With our accumulated knowledge and experience of circuits and packaging we combine design trade-offs, circuit principles and screening reliability testing to achieve the required electrical performance both cost effectively and with the minimum weight for space applications.
Isocom also has the technical ability to manufacture custom parts and to screen to special customer requirements. Each optocoupler is subject to our dual screening system which effectively means that each part is tested twice before shipping.